Our mission is to connect more people with nature through life-changing, ultra expedition outdoor experiences.

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Find adventures that fit your abilities and budget.

Our trips cover a wide-range of exciting destinations and experiences.

We offer four options when selecting from our itineraries. Each option offers more than the one before it. All of our expeditions are considered Ultra Expeditions and each offers our impeccable service and particular attention to detail–however–if you are looking for a bit more, consider an Ultra+ or UltraX itinerary for the same destination or if you are looking for a private guided excursion, consider our custom curated VIP itineraries.

Ultra Expeditions

Our Ultra Expeditions generally extend between 3 and 5 days long depending on the destination and what activities we have organized. Ultra Expeditions can provide participation for as many as 30 reservations per trip. Every Ultra Expedition includes a designated experienced ROVE Guide who is well-informed about the region, the activities, and is comitted to your exceptional experience.

Airfare to and from the destination and accommodations before or after the expedition are not included in our itineraries. You will be required to arrange those legs of your journey. However, if we have negotiated a special rate for these legs of the trip, we will provide that information in your itinerary packet once you reserve. We also to not include travel insurance in the cost of our expeditions. We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance to protect your investment. You can learn more about travel insurance by viewing our FAQ page.

All of our expeditions typically include meals, accommodations, transfers, and the cost of scheduled experiences during the itinerary unless specifically indicated. Our expeditions often include a local field expert. Each itinerary will indicate if a local field expert is provided for that particular trip.

Our expeditions are organized by category and can be searched by such terms as “Environmental”, “Cultural”, “Scientific”, “Tropical”, “Humanitarian”, “Overlanding”, “Photographic” and more. These classifications allow you to narrow down your search to experiences that fall within your personal interests.

Each engagement is classified by level of difficulty. Participants should review our challenge index to determine their level of both physical and mental fitness to ensure our expeditions are within the realm of personal abilities.

We take great pride in providing Ultra Expeditions that offer unique experiences that are difficult to secure elsewhere or on your own. Often we have negotiated access to private land where necessary. We provide all permits and entrance fees necessary to access fee required areas.

Ultra+ Expeditions

Our Ultra+ Expeditions are an extension of our Ultra Expedition Itineraries with experiences between 3 and 9 days long. Because we understand that travel budgets vary by our participants, every one of our Ultra Expeditions has an additional, expanded itinerary option we call Ultra+. These expanded itineraries generally include additional days of participation, additional scheduled experiences, more comfortable, private accommodations, additional access, and in some cases, a featured guest that is an expert in a particular field of interest. Ultra+ also includes more focus on attention to personal service (meaning additional guides and service personnel) and fewer participants oftentimes with a capped number of 10 reservations making these itineraries more personalized and exclusive.

UltraX Expeditions

Our UltraX Expeditions offer unique pre-designed itineraries structured to bring you and your small group to extraordinary destinations with unique itineraries of 10 days or more. This offering allows our guests to participate in selecting from provided itinerary options before and, often, during an excursion with flexibility while traveling. Our guests who select UltraX Expeditions will experience the richest experiences a destination has to offer with special access, exclusive one-on-one interactions with field-experts and advocates. This option gives the greatest flexibilty of our structured itineraries without an exclusive VIP custom curated itinerary.

When searching our itineraries, you will generally find Ultra, Ultra+ and UltraX itinerary options. Review all three to learn the difference between them. But, following the rule of thumb as outlined on this page, you can get a general idea of what to expect the differences to be.

VIP Curated Itineraries

Some of our guests would rather have our full attention and would prefer a private and personally curated experience to one of our destinations. Thus, we are delighted to offer our VIP excursions to any of the locales around the world where we visit. Our itineraries can be fully customized to your particular needs, interests, and availability. To learn more about our VIP Curated Itineraries, please visit our page dedicated to this option.

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