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Questions and Insights

Please browse through our provided frequently asked questions and insights to help guide you in planning your ROVE Ultra Expedition. If you have further questions, please let us know by completing our online inquiry form.

We offer three different itinerary options for every destination including our Ultra, Ultra+ and UltraX itineraries. All three options offer exceptional service and finely crafted itineraries that immerse guests into the culture and landscape of each region. We take individuals deep into the heart and soul of a place to beat in sync with the pulse.

The primary differences between the three expedition itinerary options is length of the itinerary, the number of participants, and additional excursions. So, for instance, one Ultra  itinerary may include a vehicle excursion route to touch an ancient glacier at it’s base whereas the Ultra+ itinerary may include a helicopter ride to stand on the top of the glacier offering aerial perspective. And, finally, the UltraX itinerary may add additional days of extraordinary experiences, finer accommodations, special access and one-on-one interactions with field-experts to the trip.

While our Ultra expeditions may be more than enough to offer a life-changing experience and perspective for most, our Ultra+ and UltraX expeditions limit the number of participants offering a more intimate experience and additional days to explore the destination. UltraX will also provide additional flexibility in itinerary options.

Our VIP private excursions offer even more attention to service and flexibility than either our Ultra, Ultra+ and UltraX expedition experiences.

Whether you select our Ultra Itineraries or VIP expedition experiences, you can be rest assured that we have taken great care to provide a life-changing and profound experience for all who embark on an expedition with our team.

Because it can be a challenge to determine if our guests are physically and mentally equipped to engage on one of our expeditions, we have put together a challenge index. Please take time to explore this guide to determine your abilities. Once you are well informed about our challenge level ratings, visit our itineraries pages. On the page for each itinerary you will see the challenge rating for that expedition. View to learn more about our challenge index and if you have any questions please let us know.

Dress code on our expeditions is typically casual. Clothing selection should be made according to details we provide in each expedition packet. If you do not posess the necessary gear we outline in the expedition packet, we can provide professional assistance in helping you establish your gear bag as an additional service. In some cases, we may offer a turn-key pre-travel gear kit at an additional cost to ensure you have what is necessary. Prior to embarking on the expedition we will provide you with tips and suggestions for packing your bag as well as information regarding any baggage weight restrictions.

Our expeditions include the cost of meals, accommodations, and excursions as indicated in the itinerary while engaged on the expedition. Every itinerary includes the dedicated services of the ROVE Ultra X guide and our on-location staff; local guides and service providers; all ground transportation; most transfers; baggage handling; pre-trip materials; and gratuities (unless otherwise noted in the trip packet for each expedition). Included meals are noted in the itinerary details.

For those with specific dietary needs or other related concerns, please inquire with us directly to determine if we can accommodate or consider a private VIP excursion.

Our goal is for our guests to have an opportunity to experience a locale and the richness of the culture and people in a meaningful way. Because so, our itineraries offer options and free time where possible. Depending on the expedition you select, you may discover some have more free time than others. Our private expeditions offer both planned activities and sufficient time for doing what you wish.

Some of our guided group experiences offer entire days to explore and relax on your own giving you the freedom to enjoy dining and local sites that particularly interest you. We also offer alternative experiences in the event of unexpected weather conditions or other circumstances. We also offer add-on options for extended itineraries so you can add days on the front end or back end of an expedition.

For participants of ROVE Ultra Expeditions, travel insurance is optional and comes at an additional cost with a third provider. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance to protect your travel investment. Travel insurance can offer financial protection for trip interruptions and cancellations as well as service baggage loss, for travel delays, and in the event you require medical attention and treatment.

Some of our expeditions require each guest to have a minimum level of travel insurance coverage for medical emergency evacuation and repatriation of $200,000 (USD, or equivalent in other currency). Depending on your employment or credit cards, you may already have coverage. If your existing coverage does not meet these requirements, you will be required to purchase travel medical insurance.This is in addition to the recommended travel insurance outlined above.

Though we cannot recommend specific travel insurance providers, our guests have previously used the following with good results:

For itineraries that require a minimum travel insurance, please inquire with your employer, your credit card services or insurance agency.

We do not allow pets to travel on the majority of our adventure experiences as there are sigificant hurdles to inter-country pet travel quarantine, etc. However, we may allow a pet on a domestic expedition and in particlular a BYOV [bring your own vehicle] experience. Note that all of our itineraries typically involve stays in quaint inns, hotels, and camps and many of these facilities may restrict such reservations. National Parks often restrict pets as well and in such cases, pets are required to remain in vehicles which can, at times, be too hot to keep them safe. In any case, any pet involvement will require all current vaccinations with documentation and pets will be required to be leashed at all times. Please inquire with us if you would like us to consider your pet.

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